Creative Business Ideas

I know how it feels not to function in a particular business field you desire, that is why i am offering you these two books that will REVEAL WHAT NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW TO START UP YOUR DESIRED BUSINESS.


You will be surprised that these two books will meet you at your level and take you beyond your expected level.

For You

The first book offers 205 workable business ideas you can start up and HOW to start it.


The wonderful thing about this business manual is that, it will guide you from one step to another through the instructive pictorials so that you will not need the assistance of a coach.

In this 205 business idea manual, you will

  1. Discover a business you can start up at the comfort of your room.
  2. Learn how to process your business from a raw state to a finished stage.
  3. Discover the production and operational cost of your business.
  4. Know the capital investment requirement to start up.
  5. Know expected payback time of the business incase your capital was a loan.
  6. Know the general costs (Over heads).
  7. Know the risk involved in the business so that you can guide against it.
  8. Know the information about the market demand.
  9. Have the price structure and profitability analysis.

What People Are Saying About The Business Manual

COMPENDIUM OF INVESTMENT & BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES manual has nothing to do with age, no not at all. Many young and old are faced with business idea challenges that this book can solve.

What of if my business sector is not covered in this business manual? Relax Friend because one of the greatest advantage of this business manual  is that it is divided into 11 business sectors so that you can easily locate your business sector.


These 11 sectors are:

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However, you will receive this book as a bonus if you purchase our newest award winning book: GET CREATIVE GO VIRAL. These creative book will teach you the law that governs creativity and give you a tool to overcome your fears and reach your dreams faster.

In GET CREATIVE GO VIRAL eBook you will understand the inbuilt pattern that makes a product to sell. This ebook answers the most important question about business and innovation which is:


Also in GET CREATIVE GO VIRAL ebook, you will learn how to build a business that works with you and end up with a business that works outside you which makes you go viral.


You will also learn not only how to THINK UP NEW THINGS but HOW TO DO NEW THINGS which is INNOVATION.  Every new thing that nature wants to do is pre-arranged in your mind.


Through the study of this book, you will

  • Tap into unlimited inspiration.
  • Experience that desired creative flow and outlet.
  • Discover confidence, playfulness and possibility.



These two books is a good combination to cause you to explore your dream and go viral.


Join not less than 3,000 entrepreneurs that have benefited from the combination of these two books.


Two Great Books You Need To Make Undeniable Impact